November 5th, 2013: BBR10 – Taking your Beauty Brand to the Next Level

bbr10Beauty branding and innovation were the key topics discussed during the Beauty Biz Roundtable 10 event held at the Le Méridien Delfina Santa Monica on November 5, 2013.

Hosted by Mazur Group, the BBR series brings together 100 mid- to senior-level beauty executives in a roundtable format that fosters networking and idea sharing.

“The West Coast has an incredible amount of beauty industry executives who are all passionate about what they do, but have very limited opportunities with direct interaction. We created the BBR series to give beauty industry executives a chance to meet and connect with each other on a more intimate level,” said Frances Mazur, the president of Mazur Group.

BBR10 kicked off with a cocktail hour where attendees enjoyed complimentary hors d’oeuvre, cocktails, and more importantly – open networking with top beauty industry executives.

open networking at beauty biz roundtable 10

BBR10 kicked off with open networking

BBR10’s keynote, Jan Lombardo, has more than 25 years of beauty industry experience as an executive for Estée Lauder and VP of sales for North America for Calvin Klein. In 2009, she joined Go SMiLE, Inc. as VP of global sales and marketing, and in just three short years, was named president.

Jan Lombardo, president of Go SMiLE, Inc. discusses "Critical in Small Companies--How to Choose and Develop an Entire Team Invested in Company Success" at the BBR10 event

Jan Lombardo, president of Go SMiLE, Inc. discusses “Critical in Small Companies–How to Choose and Develop an Entire Team Invested in Company Success” at the BBR10 event

Lombardo discussed how creating and developing an entire team can lead to major success in small businesses.

In her roundtable discussion, she shared Go SMiLE’s core competencies regarding employees: 1) They must be an expert in their field; 2) they must be able to mentor and train others; and 3) they need to be flexible, likable, and have a sense of humor. “A workplace should be an enjoyable experience since you spend the majority of your time with your colleagues,” she explained. Lombardo also emphasized the importance of understanding the skills and loyalty of current employees, being extremely transparent with employees, and always remaining positive.

The unique format of BBR allows guests to interact directly with thought leaders and other attendees in three rounds of 35-minute, thought-provoking, roundtable discussions.

mazur group bbr10 thought leader group shot

Our incredible BBR10 Thought Leaders (l to r): Charlie Perer (Partner at Intermix Capital Partners, LLC), Doug Schorr (Head of Consumer Research at Beachbody LLC), Michelle Sorro (Former On-Air Host at HSN, Inc.), Susan Goldsberry (President / CEO of Benchmark Cosmetic Laboratories), Candy Gebhart (Senior Director of Marketing for Joico), Frances Mazur (President of Mazur Group), Adrienne Kramer (CEO/President of Pro Beauty Partners), Claudia Stephens (Marketing Consultant for Benchmark Cosmetic Laboratories), Keynote Speaker Jan Lombardo (President of GO SMiLE Inc.), and Don Frey (Principal Consultant for Frey Consulting)

Beauty executives enjoyed engaging roundtable discussions with nine BBR10 Thought Leaders on various topics:

  • Don Frey, principal consultant for Frey Consultant, discussing “Key Steps to Building a Product and Package Strategy to Complement Your Brand”
  • Candy Gebhart, senior director of marketing for Joico, talking on “Risky Business: 10 Gutsy Marketing Moves That Will Make Your Brand Cruise”
  • Susan Goldsberry, president and CEO, and Claudia Stephens, marketing consultant, Benchmark Cosmetic Laboratories, presenting “Beauty & Innovation—Knowing How & When to Break the Rules”
  • Jan Lombardo, president of Go SMiLE, Inc., sharing “Critical in Small Companies—How to Choose and Develop an Entire Team Invested in Company Success”
  • Adrienne Kramer, CEO and president of Pro Beauty Partners, addressing “What to Expect From a Broker (Rep) and What They Can Expect From You”
  • Charlie Perer, partner at Intermix Capital Partners, LLC, explaining “Financing for Emerging Beauty Companies”
  • Doug Schorr, head of consumer research at Beachbody, LLC, covering “Using Consumer Research to Refine a Brand”
  • And Michelle Sorro, former on-air host at HSN, Inc., shedding light on “Behind the Scenes—Strategic Tools for TV Retail & Multimedia Sales Success”
bbr10 roundtable

BBR10 roundtables begin with three rounds of 35-minute, thought-provoking, roundtable discussions.

“Our BBR events are truly one-of-a kind in the beauty industry. Attendees are given the opportunity to sit down in small group settings with industry peers and executives. BBR isn’t a lecture or a panel discussion. Our roundtables are highly interactive, so everyone has a chance to speak directly with their peers and more importantly, with the Thought Leaders,” Mazur explained.

The caliber of thought leaders and attendees at BBR is always impressive. The level of genuine interest and learning of new topics is always great,” said president of ipsy and previous BBR9 thought leader Jennifer Goldfarb.

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